I'm a self-shooting producer and director. Very versatile with a a strong creative eye. My background in journalism means I am trusted to  gather the 'who, what, where when and how' of every story and along with capturing key artistic coverage the edit needs - I can shoot efficiently, helping the edit save time NOT spooling through too much flannel making sure I have clear and thorough coverage. Of course, I'm also happy to 'shoot the sh*t' out of it if you'd prefer - as some projects need that too.

I can encourage emotion, humour and authenticity from contributors through being an good listener and engaging interviewee. I'm clear, confident, relaxed and professional and love working with a team and supporting new AP's or producers. I can take a backseat or be led and directed.


My experience extends to being equally comfortable working  solo having shot in the USA for months travelling while liaising with the UK teams and logging progress - also setting up shoots on the road.

USA, Jordan, France, Germany, UK, Japan, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Qatar, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Croatia

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